Cars & Carriages in Newcastle

Whether you opt to arrive at the church on time, or use the bride's prerogative to be a little late, your choice of wedding car is an important one and not necessarily a simple one.

A number of factors should be considered when making your decision, starting with the time of year. For a summer wedding a horse drawn carriage is a wonderful traditional way to arrive and leave the ceremony. However the weather cannot be guaranteed and the distance between the ceremony and reception should be short!

Still with tradition in mind vintage and classic cars are a popular mode of wedding day transport, and with the addition of ribbon and other ceremonial touches, they provide a timeless backdrop to the day.

If your special day has a more modern twist to it then you may want your choice of transport to reflect this. Stretch limousines and Cadillac convertibles are only 2 of the options that Newcastle's car hire firms have to offer.

Budget is an important factor in all aspects of wedding planning and this certainly applies to your choice of transport. Distance between the ceremony and reception may require that transport is provided for your guests. A double decker bus can provide a fun and cost effective way to transfer your guests. From a budget perspective if you are only transporting the immediate wedding party then one car doing a number of trips may be less expensive. Each company will set out a number of options for you to choose which will work best for you on the day.

When selecting a mode of transport it is worth considering whether photos will be taken in and around the car. Traditionally the bride and groom are photographed on the back seat, champagne in hand, and thus the interior of the car is also important.

Whether your wedding day dictates a classic or modern mode of transport, or something completely original, we have selected some of Newcastle's best vehicle providers to help with your choice.