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Wedding rings, traditionally worn on the left ring finger, are exchanged during the wedding ceremony to symbolize matrimony and faithfulness. Outside the UK many countries wear a wedding band on the right ring finger.

There are a number of rings associated with marriage beginning with the engagement ring, then the wedding ring and finally an eternity ring which represents the undying love within a marital union. The eternity ring is often presented after the arrival of a first child. Traditionally in Europe rings were engraved with the name of each partner, thereby adding to the significance of the band when passed down through the generations.

During a traditional wedding ceremony the best man is usually given the honor of looking after the rings and passing them over at the appropriate moment. A ring bearer may also be included in the ceremony and this is sometimes a younger member of the wedding party, possibly a page boy. Historically the transfer of rings signified the bequeathing of ‘earnest money’ as much as representing undying love between the couple.

Yellow gold is the traditional metal from which wedding bands are made; however, in recent times white gold and platinum have also become popular. Newcastle has many exceptional jewellers, and some of the best are featured here. Wedding bands can be coordinated with engagement rings, or perhaps you are looking for a bespoke ring made to your exact specifications. This will of course take more time but it is important to discuss your requirements with the jeweller at the outset.

The sizing of your wedding ring is extremely important and temperature can affect this. Letters of the alphabet correspond with each size and any of our featured Newcastle jewellers can advise on your exact fit and walk you through this exciting and symbolic process.