Photography & Video in Newcastle

Photography is an area that should be taken care of relatively early in the wedding planning process. Good photographers are booked up well in advance and the summer months tend to be especially busy. Newcastle has a wealth of first-rate professional photographers and we feature a selection of the best to help you choose.

Photographs are the one permanent reminder you will have of your wedding day. The photographs may be on display for the rest of your married life, and as such it is of paramount importance to choose the right person for the job.

Each professional photographer has his or her own style, and it is vital to find one that fits with your style of wedding. You may go for a traditional occasion where a traditional style of photography fits. Alternatively with a modern theme to your day you may opt for a more reportage style of photography. Equally the photographer brings their own personality into the frame too and it is essential that you feel comfortable with them on a personal level. Seeing a number of photographers and their portfolios is crucial to the planning process.

Cost is also an important factor and this may help make your decision. Some photographers charge for their time and others for the amount of prints bought. It is important to discuss budget with the photographer at the outset and iron out any issues such as image rights and other legal matters. Whether you opt for a full wedding album or a series of prints, black and white or colour, most photographers do have wedding packages that will suit a range of budgets.

Video is an increasingly popular way of capturing the day, and as with photographers it is important that your expectations are set out clearly in advance.

Newcastle's selection of excellent photographers will make certain that your wedding photographs provide you with wonderful timeless reminders of your day.