Wedding Flowers in Newcastle

The language and symbolism that flowers represent has a long tradition in this country dating back to the reign of King Charles II. However it has a long history which is still significant today in Japanese culture. Red roses have always been used to signify true love, and a combination of red and yellow roses to denote joy, happiness and excitement.

White lilies traditionally mean purity whilst honeysuckle implies devoted affection. In Victorian times coded messages were sent through floral bouquets, and although today these underlying meanings are mostly overlooked, red roses are still seen as the ultimate symbol of romantic love.

Floral arrangements are integral to all parts of the wedding day, starting with the buttonholes for the groom and his party. This may be a carnation, a rose or even some Scottish heather. You may decide to opt for seasonal flowers, which means they are more abundant, fresher and less expensive than their out of season alternatives, however Newcastle’s range of exceptional florists will be able to source whichever option you choose.

You may want the flowers to reflect your style of wedding, for example a traditional wedding will dictate certain flowers, possibly incorporating roses. A more modern wedding really is a blank canvas for floral arrangements and in both cases the decision is entirely personal. When you have booked your Newcastle florist it is important to set out your ideas and choices of flowers at the outset. The florist will then work with you to bring all the elements together, working to your particular budget.

For the bride the bridal bouquet is of great importance and this may coordinate in some way with the other floral arrangements, and certainly with the bouquets of the bridesmaids.

It is advisable to book your florist well in advance, and we have chosen a selection of Newcastle's most skilled florists to help bring colour and artistry to your special day.